Bottom Bracket Sealed Bearing Extractor Set

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Bearing extractors set for pushing out 22mm, 24mm and 30mm ID sealed bearings from bottom bracket cups. Compatible with our 1/2" threaded press rod and handles (PRESS-7 and PRESS-7-PRO).

BB-EXT Includes

  • (1) 30mm ID sealed bearing extractor
  • (1) 24mm ID sealed bearing extractor
  • (1) 22mm ID sealed bearing extractor
  • (1) 52mm receiver cup
  • (1) 44mm receiver cup sleeve
  • (1) 42mm receiver cup sleeve
  • (1) 39mm receiver cup sleeve
  • (1) bearing pusher shaft

Precision Machined

Bearing Extractors are compatible with 30mm, 24mm and 22mm ID sealed bearings. Extractors have 1/2" thru hole for use with our 1/2" threaded rod press handles.

For use with handles and rod from:

  • Universal Bottom Bracket Press (PRESS-7)
  • Professional Bottom Bracket Press (PRESS-7-PRO)
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